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Okay, so I don't have much money right now to do any major mods right now. But I am going with the whole red theme of the car. I want to put the neon lighting under the dash. I have a few questions though...

1) Which is better LED or Neon
2) I want to be able to turn it on whenever I want, not everytime the car turns on or whatever..is the cig lighter adapter ones my best bet?
3)How do you install them so they hook up under the dash? Do I need to do any drilling?

I don't wanna sound like a stupid ricer that wants to pimp out the car in lights and make it cheap, but it is against the law to have these in my car, so I really want them to just be there so I can easily unplug it. I probably wont use it too often, maybe just when I'm with friends, just goofing around..maybe showing off lol..even though its not cool using the cig lighter as an outlet..

After zip tieing the wires, does the actually "adapter" plug in part thing (lol) look realllly noticeable?

I want ones that pulse to the music.

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OMG this is my question to answer cause i just did it to mine ha ha check out my thread under members rides.

1. neon or led dont matter there both really good i have neon
2.there is a switch that you can hook up on your car to turn them off and on. i have mine in the little compartment to the left below the steering wheel on the inside. i drilled holes in the back and mounted the switches inside. i wouldnt buy a cig lighter one! ha ha then the wire would be showing i have them under the dash and drilled a hole in the panel and the top of the plastic on the center council by your feet to the right.

here is a how to http://www.protegefaq.net/footlamp/

or this one same concept but under the dash. http://www.gaownersclub.com/forum/showthread.php?p=313524

3. make sure that all your electrical stuff is taped up so no fire hazards are present k

other than that if you have any other questions man msg me or ask in here i will be back to check up on what you think hope i helped you out!

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