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Who wants to start a class action lawsuit??? Seriously!

I had an 05 G6 GT which ALMOST KILLED ME!!! And GM didn't help me at all. I tried for much time, and many visits to the dealerships service center. I brought my car in so much my dealership was trying to charge me for rentals. In the end GM 'Customer Relations Experts' told me to trade it in on a new car and then we'll talk further. I did, and once I did they bounced me around and I was never able to reach my 'dedicated rep' again. A new rep who claimed to be a manager told me to stop calling them, the car is not my problem anymore and they are unwilling to help me with it anymore. But the $10k I lost is sure a problem for me. I can't responsibly drive a 'deathcar' which couldn't be diagnosed, especially when I pick my brother up in the mornings and take him into work. It's just not right. GM forced me to get out of a BRAND NEW car!!! It hurts. What hurt even more is I couldn't trade it into another dealership or sell it without disclosing this problem, so the car became worthless and I had to trade it in on another GM.

I was even able to reproduce the steering failures in the end and make some videos of failures, however they are poor evidence.

I traded the car in, to a different dealership, fully explaining the history of the vehicle. They simply took the car as a trade in, and resold it within a few weeks. Pretty sick I think, and GM's 'customer relations experts' thought this was great practice. Knowing endangering another customer.

I have a 2006 G6 GTP coupe now, I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. I kinda figured the car was completed different, and I like the styling. I even got the 6 sp. Well, my first problem has been my radiator. As it turns out, the supports were not even screwed in at the factory! I lost some fluid because the rad was just banging back and forth as I drove, I'm not too sure I'm not still losing fluid even after they screwed the rad in.

All in all, I enjoy my newer G6 very much. But am very bitter about my experience with my first G6. I wrote a post about the incredible stereo I put in it, woohoo!
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