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Vector ECM

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Does anybody have a Vector ecm? Did you send in yours or by one and ship yours back?
Was it money well spent? At $349, should I spend the money on exhaust first and a Mass Air Flow?
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I have had the Vector ECU for about a year now and it’s a great investment. It’s like driving another car. I would highly recommend it.

But I would honestly go with the exhaust first, don't even bother with a MAF.
The Ecu is awesome like jordy said it makes it a whole new car. It gives it alot more top end and launching power. The MAF for the money isn't worth $275 it provides low end power but its nothing amazing for that kinda of money. Royal purple added alot more power for cheaper I think.
Another Vector ECM here. As everyone has stated, it is a worthwhile investment which give the car a performance kick. This is the way the car should have come from the factory. Exhaust is the way to go, because the the MAF is big and flows plenty of air. :cool:
I think that you should upgrade the ECU after you install exhaust and intake. That way you are maximizing your gains!!
I think that you should upgrade the ECU after you install exhaust and intake. That way you are maximizing your gains!!
In the Vector tune, those things are accounted for.:)
Has anyone installed one in a GT? I just need a little extra ummf in the middle of the power band. I wanted to get the GTP and run with you big boys but I have an ex-wife to support. lol
Plenty of people have done it and most everyone is very pleased with the results.
Yeah thanks coupe. While I can appriciate all the feedback from the GTP guys, what I'm looking for is someone that's put one in a 3.5L. I need to hear some words of wisdom from a few GT brothers and sisters out there before I go eatin PB&J sandwiches for a month in order to cough up 300+ clams for this re-engineered Atari 2600 cartridge. Ya feel me??
I think I like it here just fine, but thanks again for your help.
I just said that because this place is pretty inactive with its members base. If you want the opinions of many gt drivers there are bunch of threads talking about it already you would not need to ask. I know a couple of guys that have gt's with a vector tune pretty good also.
I was at the dealer last week,I priced a ECM. It was under $300. I think Vectron charges $400 core.
I've checked out the Vector website and theres a lot of ways to go about it. Did you guys send in a core, or just straight up bought it without sending anything in. Anyone still with a warranty that has this PCM? :confused:
where can i find this vector ecu at i am intrested in anything i can find for my G6.
First Post.

Is there any value to this package on a new 2008 GXP? Everyone needs a little more power and (definitely) gas mileage.

Wonder what the dealership computer reads when it does a diagnostic.
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