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Alright here is my info

Car is a 2006 G6 base with the 3.5 V6
Has the standard sunroof

I'm mechanically inclined and handle my own stuff but this one has me boggled.

I recently replaced all the brakes, rotors and pads, all four wheels. And I replaced the rear wheel passenger side wheel hub assembly because I thought it maybe the cause of this issue.

The issue I'm dealing with is a vibration in the rear passenger side of the vehicle, Sounds like its in the headliner. Maybe just above the passenger rear window or maybe above the pillar on that side and in the rear. It generally happens between 15mph and 28mph and after that it goes away.

As I stated above I replaced the wheel hub assuming that was it, and it wasn't. BTW, that is a 209.99 dollar part for any of you needing to do that in the future.

I'm half temped to drop the headliner and just fill it with foam or something and see if it rattles then.

I know it could be the rotor but they are about 3 months old, unless it shipped from the factory bad. Although the noise just started.

Otherwise the control arm I imagine could be a problem or one of its bushings. Not sure anymore.

Confirmed its not the tires.
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