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2005 G6 GT Sedan 3.5L VL LX9
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Its called your SPID label. It has about 30 or so RPO codes on it.
If it has the RPO code "AP3," then your G6 has the Remote Vehicle Starter System.
Thanks. So happy I found this thread and your post! I have a 2005 G6 GT and only 1 remote which has the remote start button. But since it doesn't work and I can't find info about what it means when the car honks 3 times when I try to remote start it, I was starting to think the previous owner replaced the OEM remote with the RS version and that the car didn't actually have RS. But looking at the glove box sticker, I have AP3 listed as the 2nd code! I also have RS options in the info center but really wanted to confirm with VIN or other code. Now I just need to figure out what the 3 beeps me. No CEL on.

I also want to find a fob programmer that will handle RS and not cost $200+ , called 3 places so far and they all want $140+ without parts.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts