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Vortex Generator

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Has anyone considered putting a vortex generator on the roof? Kind of like this
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Maybe if I had an F-250.
no no no dont do that lol thats stuff for trucks vans and other things not G6's you dont want that trust me
.... $90 for that? That's just horrible. It looks like it would cause more drag than anything else. The EVO doesn't have a wide part at the front, just the fine. Even so, you really don't need it. It might help at 110+, but since it can't go that fast stock... Haha Pretty much pointless.
Well I would have to ask you, are you experiencing instability at high speeds?

That is IMO just another scam. Which reminds me of the folks that have those dragster type spoilers on their cars. IMO that is the most rediculous mod anyone can put on anything other than a fricken dragster. How fast do these people drive? If someone thinks their car can go fast enought to portentially do a back flip then sure they may need to add one of those eye sores.
I can go that fast.....but choose not to. :glasses3:
me to!!! 110+ is so much fun Kentucky has chargers and magnums as cop cars tho lol so I dont do it to often
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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