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Sure they can. running the wires and sensor would be fun but its doable.

Ive contacted Speed of Sound about pillar pods. At that time they wernt gonna do a G6.
Things might have changed since then. Its worth a shot asking them.
Maybe if you pull the pillar trim and send it to them after marking
where the pods go on it (with tape) and show the angle the pods are mounted they may....just may do it for you. Speed of Sound pillar pods are the absolute BEST.

Worst case scenario is buying a Mustang 3 pillar from them then removing the pods and remounting them onto a G6 pillar.
You would have to drill a wire hole then re-rivet it on over the wire access hole....

Its really self explanatory when you see how they do it. But IMHO that would look the best.

Now thats just the Pods....you would still need the gauges.
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