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Want to put in a subwoofer

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Hey I have a 2007 g6 gt coupe and I want to put in 1 10" or 1 12" subwoofer in my trunk but I'm not sure how to go about it because I don't want it to take up that much space. I was thinking getting a shallow mount sub but I'm not sure. Can you help?
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This is my set up, as you can see there is still plenty of room for my tool box and jack. It is just a shallow mount Memphis 12, Memphis amp and a custom fiberglass sub enclosure. Hope this gives you some ideas.
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my friend made that at his shop out of fiberglass. but here is the website where i got the idea. I was going to buy one then my buddy said he could build me a better one for cheaper so he did.
It is really easy. here is the way my buddy and I did it.
1- remove the carpet from the side and layer it with 2 layers of tape and then one layer of tin foil. (so the resin doesn't ruin the carpet, cause mine is not really a part of the trunk it is removable)
2- put a layer of fiberglass down then resin all over it, let set up for like 30 minutes then repeat like 3 to 4 more times to get a good solid box.
3- once it has set and is completely hard remove it from the carpet then cut a piece of wood for the front. then fiberglass the holes around the board so its all one solid piece.
4- drill in the hole for the sub and use a flashlight to check for thin areas. hold the light inside and shine it around well looking outside to see if there is any holes or thin spots.
5- if its all good then wrap it in felt with resin and then carpet it. if you want the cool G6 logo in the carpet, then just cut some foam and glue it on the felt before the carpet.
6- then run some wires mount the sub enclosure and enjoy.
Hope this helps, any other questions feel free to ask.
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