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Want to put the new style instrument gauge cluster from a 2009 GXP in a 2005 G6 Model

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Quick question, is it possible to fit the new style gauge cluster into a 2005 G6 gt? I just recently noticed on the net that there is a new style instrument panel on the 2009 G6's. Will this type work on the 2005's or any other year? Here is a link to what the new style looks like >>>


This gauge model is on the 2009 GXP .
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i want to know if it'll work in an 08gt, but i beleive they moved the DIC which was previously on the radio into the cluster where it shows the milage as well, so that might complicate things. hopefully someone on here knows. i want the new 09.5 radio with the USB port too :D
would be nice, but I think you going down a dead end road. The DIC is built into the instrument cluster on the new ones not in the radio. Would probably have a different harness. A dealer would think your nuts and would probably refuse to try to program it. But if you find a way I'd like to know. They look cool.
It is not backward compatible.
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