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hey all just wanted to drop a line and introduce my self, my name is steven i along with my wife, she is also registered on her as *pontiac_princezz* reside in Panama City Beach, Fl. we just recently purchased a 2009 G6 base sedan model with a 4 banger, i would have preferred a 6 cyl, but we didnt have much selection for those around here..got some plans for the car in the future, i have been lurking around here for a few weeks now, i am very into customizing my rides, i also currently own a crew cab chevy dually that is bagged and currently in the shop getting a full on custom paint job and having almost everything shaved on it, and i also own a 93 s-10 that is bagged and body dropped on some 18's.. we looking to prolly put 20's on the 6, SHE WANTS 18's but i am thinking 20's hahah and prolly do some projector lights with HIDS and add some factory fog lights to the ride and eventually repaint it. will upload some pics when i get them transferred to the laptop from my phone. but feel free to also look me up on face book. [email protected] i do have some pic on there also
ohh i am also a member of Explicit Concepts car and truck club
check out our site :beer:
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you have a fetish for crappy cheap cars and ricing them out?
ummm NO... i do not have a fetish for making them into ricers, i cant stand cars that come screaming by me sound liking a pissed offf weed eater, i have a more classy taste for cars and prefer simple and modest upgrades to make it a nice ride...
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