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Water leaking in on Passenger side

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Well after having the car since September and just a tad under 10K miles. My Car is starting to leak right behind the passenger seat and drivers seat right above where the seatbelt comes out of the side panel. It was pouring here today and I noticed it when I came out of the store. So Im going to call the dealer tomorrow and make an appointment. Its either getting in from the window or the sunroof. Its closer to the side windows. Has anyone else had this problem on the coupe?

I must not have any luck with pontiacs. My last pontiac was a 87 formula and the t-tops leaked on that too. :(
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i have this problem as well. i hope to fix it myself. don't feel like giving up the car to the dealer for a day or two for something i could much more satisfactorily do myself, but we'll see...

what's this sunvisor recall they mentioned up top?
I had another flood in my back seat last night, so I sucked it up and dropped the car at the dealer. They said they knew it was the roof drains, and that they had become experts at fixing dislodged and clogged drains. I was assured after this fix I should NOT have to revisit this issue again!
got the car back today. Was worse than I expected! Dealer said BOTH drains had become disconnected. They said they put them back on and "fixed it" so they will NOT be separating again. :)
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