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Water leaking in on Passenger side

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Well after having the car since September and just a tad under 10K miles. My Car is starting to leak right behind the passenger seat and drivers seat right above where the seatbelt comes out of the side panel. It was pouring here today and I noticed it when I came out of the store. So Im going to call the dealer tomorrow and make an appointment. Its either getting in from the window or the sunroof. Its closer to the side windows. Has anyone else had this problem on the coupe?

I must not have any luck with pontiacs. My last pontiac was a 87 formula and the t-tops leaked on that too. :(
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Yep, add my 06 GT to the list, first rain at 4800 Miles and the passenger side seatbelt was soaked, taking it in next week.
Just dropped mine off today, told them that any time it rains or i get my car washed the passenger side seat belt gets soaked. We'll see how it goes, hopefully they will fix it right the first time, needed my oil changed anyway.
Got mine back today, they fixed it, or so they say, ill find out for sure during the next big rain or car wash.
cnagy65 said:
I had the dealer fix my back in april, both tubes came dislodged. Their fix lasted exactly 1 month. I put the tubes back in myself after that and its been good since May.
That worries me :( .... but rest assured, i wont be doing ANYTHING on this car myself, if it breaks 100 times ill bring it in 100 times, thats why we pay for a factory warranty.
Washed my car today and guess what??? Wet seatbelt again! Looks like ill be taking it in again, only this time I will be in a much worse mood!
Got mine back, dealer said the stock runoff hose from the sunroof was not long enough. They put on a longer hose and SWORE that will fix the problem, i guess we will see next time i wash the car. Actually, i kinda dont mind having it in for repairs, my dealer gives me awesome loaners. :eek:
2 rains and one wash later and the passenger seat belt is bone dry, guess they finally got it right! ;)
1 - 7 of 46 Posts
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