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Weird clicking/clunking when steering...

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Has anyone else had this happen? (the clunking sound/feel) What do I look for? It almost sounds like linkage that's loose, but I can't tell.

My car has 44k miles on it and the only other issues are the brakes vibrations when I am slowing at speed... That's something I have to deal with when I replace the pads and rotors, and I think, another issue all together.
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The clunk sound on my G6 was seized strut bearings
The dealer kept looking at the steering colume - but that was not the cause of the clunk when steering at slow speeds. The strut bearings were the source of the noise.
Lubricating the “I” shaft only solves part of the problem and is really only a “band-aid” repair.
The main problem is the strut bearings. You will most likely find that your strut bearings are starting to seize, causing a clunking sound when steering slowly.
The cost of this work ranges – depends on where you get the work done. In my case, the cost was $400… But Gm gave me an estimate of $800 at first. When I mentioned a tow truck would be at the Dealership to remove the car, they covered 50% of the cost, matching a local muffler/suspension specialty repair shop
Yes this is a safety concern! I don’t understand why GM has not been made to make repairs to all the Epsilon platforms (G6, Aura, Malibu, 2011 Regal, 2010 LaCrosse). At the dealer I used to deal with, there are more G6 vehicles with steering/strut issues than the entire recall of defective Toyota Corolla vehicles across the North America.
GM & the USA Government are afraid of a recall of GM vehicles… It would seal the fate of GM once and for all. Just imagine what the North America economy would do if GM was completely eliminated…it would be completely catastrophic! Plus the US/Canadian Governments have lent GM a significant amount of money – both Governments want their money back regardless of safety concerns…. I can only speculate that all safety concerns are being snuffed out and the Transportation Safety Boards.
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