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Weird clicking/clunking when steering...

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Has anyone else had this happen? (the clunking sound/feel) What do I look for? It almost sounds like linkage that's loose, but I can't tell.

My car has 44k miles on it and the only other issues are the brakes vibrations when I am slowing at speed... That's something I have to deal with when I replace the pads and rotors, and I think, another issue all together.
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Had same problem

I have the same problem with my g6. Its like a clunk/thump when you turn the wheel. I've had mine repaired twice under warranty for it to only reappear a few months later. It started happening to me around 22k but im at 64k i dont thinks its anything major but it is annoying
i dont know the cost but i believe the only way it may be covered under warranty once you bumper to bumper is up is if it reoccurs within 3,000 miles of it being repaired (my bumper to bumper has been up for about a year, so mine will just thump away :))
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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