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Weird clicking/clunking when steering...

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Has anyone else had this happen? (the clunking sound/feel) What do I look for? It almost sounds like linkage that's loose, but I can't tell.

My car has 44k miles on it and the only other issues are the brakes vibrations when I am slowing at speed... That's something I have to deal with when I replace the pads and rotors, and I think, another issue all together.
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The new painted intermediate steering shaft does not fix the problem. There are many reports of those starting to clunk as well. Most times the clunking is the i-shaft, but it can also come from the rack and pinion or the struts.

The other bigtime known problem on these cars is warped brake rotors, usually the driver's side rear. That's whats causing the vibrations when you slow down.

I have had my driver's side rear rotor turned and my i-shaft lubericated on my 2008, both before 25k miles. My steering is starting to squeak again (precursor to the clunk) after only 3k miles since lubing. Dealerships will usually try to lubricate it at least twice before they replace anything.
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