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It's been a rough month for the G6OC... First we have a server crash that can't be recovered from that forces us to change servers. Then the import of our database doesn't go smoothly and results in some pretty hefty corruption. Next, we discover that the new host won't allow us access to make database backups, and refuses to make them for us on a weekly basis. Anyways, we have packed our bags and left our home.

We're with a new host now, and we hope this is our last move for quite some time. We're currently awaiting the DNS changes to replicate around the world.

If you are rading this announcement, congratulations! You have made it to our new home. Sit down, and make yourself comfortable.

On a sad note, because of the database corruption, we could not save the past 2 weeks of posts/registrations. If you recently registered or posted, you will have to re-register and re-post. We're very sorry for this, however it was necessary due to the corruption.
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