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hi all -

i've passed up the intro. forum here, so i figured i'd intorduce myself...

I currently drive a Saturn Ion Red Line witht he 2.0s/c LSJ ecotec engine. she's getting sold for a more practical car, the G6 2.4.

just got married, and the maintenance/future maintenance of that car costs too much to be economical (7+ quarts of synthetic oil), and not to mention having children in that thing isn't what i'd like to call practical, even with the 2 rear suicide doors (not cool in parking lots).

so here we are. i'll try not to answer questions with answers i don't know are true, but i will give my opinion, like it or not. i'll post some pics of the new ride when we pick it up, and will do my best to make a positive contribution to this particular community.

that's about all. good day...

:glasses3: <----new one to me!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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