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:) Loves My G6! getting ready to paint body kit.I need Help with what color to paint the kit.. kinda looks sweet black with the challenger like stripes, let me know what ya think!. has halo's,avs rear projecter covers, a custom hood scoop in the works, along with alot of other mods. 2 kids 1 Wife lol turns 36 this month :(. My fav thing to do is hang with my two awesome Sons Mykael Anthony and Marcus Escher.. Best kids in the world and both play travel baseball. My wife is awesome she is a PA in Derm. I work for a Cleaning Company and love it.
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ok lol I thought i set my profile pic as my car but apparently it didnt work me and the son r at the gym ..I will as soon as I get home. It's kinda dirty, every night i am adding a piece of the kit. I dont have the side skirts on but it still looks tight..
Comparison Pics

Parked next to a guy at work's V6 G6 :>


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Paint Opinions PLEASE

Okay so now there are actually daytime pics lol What do u all think should I get the Body Kit painted the same color as the car or go for that Black with a slight maroon tint in it?. It has a name but I can't remember it at the moment lol sorry a bit tired.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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