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We/I have 2009 G6 that has a port in the front of the radio for a jack to play our I pod.
I have an I pod, the stereo has a place for a "thing" I just don't have the thing.
What is this thing called and were do we get it?
GM calls it a personal audio link.

Please advise

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08+ radios have the jack for an iPod. You just need the regular old $4-$9 jack.

It has two ends that look like the end on your headphone earbuds from your ipod.

I think they call is a 3.5mm jack plug cable -male to male so you can plug it into your ipod.....sometimes they call it a 1/4".

Dont spend allot for them...Target & Wal Mart or Radio Shack or....etc.etc....you can find them anywhere. I got a couple cheapo ones off ebay not to long ago.

Good luck!!
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