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What do you guys think

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i was looking for some rims, i wanted black because my car is the dark gray. I think i like these the most, let me know what you think


I was also wondering that since i like the rims that i have now, is it at all possible to just paint them black?
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I would not have your rims painted, but powder coated. You could have them all done for around $200, I looked into having my 18" GTP wheels done. Powder Coating will look better and last longer too. I decided to wait till I need a new set of summer tires so I don't have any extra money involved with mounting and balancing (probably be this coming winter).
I bought a set of 16" steelies with blizzaks for the winter and run my 18" oe GTP wheels with Potenza RE050's in the summer. I had origianlly bought 18" blizzaks and swapped them out for the first few winters, but after they wore out I went the more economical route and purchased the steelies with blizzaks for less then just the 18" blizzaks, and next time I need snows they will be even cheaper because I just have to get a set of 16" blizzaks. As for the 18's I will probably have them powder coated come winter while running the steelies.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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