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The only time it was ever mentionned in a GM press release they said it stood for the Grand Am heritage and the V6 that the cars are equipped with.

That doesn't make much sense though as they do plan for a 4 cyl model to be available later. Also if that's the case why would they name the current base model "G6 6 cyl"? That would be pretty redundant.

Other theories:
- Stands for the 6 letters following the G in Grand Am. (doesn't make much sense to me either).
- Stands for the 6th generation of Grand Am (my favorite, kinda like how the current Corvette is code-named C6).
- Stands for absolutely nothing but Pontiac want to rename all of their other cars and it places the GA between the others. In that theory the car replacing the Sunfire would be a G4, the Wave would be renamed G2, the GP G8, the Bonnie G10, etc. Doesn't make much sense to me either.
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