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What gas mileage are you getting?

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Im just about through my first tank, and I only got about 17 MPG with some highway and soem city, not getting on it at all....

What kind of mileage are you getting and how many miles are on your car, i think mine just needs to be broken in, im only at 150 miles....
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I figured mine the old school way...fill it up, drive it and then fill it up and divided the gallons added to the miles driven.

My driving is about 70/30 city to highway and I averaged about 22.79 mpg in my 2007 pretty much stock 2.4L 4 door G-6 with automatic transmission that now has 89K on it. Its a second owner vehicle that I bought off a impound lot, so its not like I have owned it new and babied it all these years. The only mods to date are K&N Air Filter and I am currently driving with a check engine light for a catalytic converter code. Further more this is Texas and you better believe I am using the A/C!!! That's code for "its still hot here!". Just saying...
My base model 4 cylinder 2007 G-6 is running at 22.3 with about 90% of my driving on city streets with average speed being about the same according to the vehicles on board computer.
1 - 2 of 233 Posts
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