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What gas mileage are you getting?

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Im just about through my first tank, and I only got about 17 MPG with some highway and soem city, not getting on it at all....

What kind of mileage are you getting and how many miles are on your car, i think mine just needs to be broken in, im only at 150 miles....
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getting between 25 and 27 mpg right now. But I feel I have to mention that I'm not exactly driving it like a grandma. I don't speed much or drive too recklessly but I do accelerate quickly a lot and I do drive fast when the moment shows itself. :D

On another note I did spend one night racing with a bunch of people, Burned through a quarter tank, (from full to 3/4) When I topped it off I worked out I was averaging about 38 MPG. I was astonished because I burned pretty much that whole quarter tank while driving at WOT. haha
What's your average speed? Mine has been around 34mph
1 more mph and 5 more mpg. Proof that putting a smaller engine doesn't always yield better MPG

Unless I'm just thrashing my car more than I should be. haha
The size of the vehicle has alot to do with it aswell. Take a look at the mileage on any full size truck, the NA V6 version always has worse mileage than the NA V8 versions. Small engines have to work harder in bigger vehicles. As well, gearing and tire tread have a big impact.
Exactly! I think the G6 shouldn't have been offered with a 4cyl. But any 6cyl yes. It definitely needs more power (esp torque) to make proper use of the trans and to have enough power to get around comfortably, and therefore be efficient. Plus I have grippier tires which I'm sure brought it all down a bit. Hopefully once I build the motor a bit I'll see more MPG's. but it all depends on the way I tune I suppose. That's the trade-off I guess. Lots of power and fun, Or mpg. haha

well we are taking a long trip so I'll be sure to post everything when we reach the gas station. I reset everything every fill up (mpg, trip mileage, and average speed) maybe that's where the difference is? Even though I'm not sure it would matter.
I do the same, Every time I buy gas I always get a full tank, and I always clear every field in the INFO display. And I also divide my miles by how many gallons I buy. The math always works out differently than what my stereo says for Average MPG. And it's ALWAYS either +/- No consistency. But they're always close. Usually anywhere from 0.2-2.0 +/- mpg
my 2.4 with this nicer weather is averaging about 26-28mpg now with mixed driving, averaging still about 34-35 mph and not really driving like a grandma haha
I commute daily on the Highway... and I don't baby it. Been seeing about 23-24mpg recently...
Its there to decrease the sound coming from the intake say at wide open throttle. It also acts as a baffle to stop water from getting in.

Its really just there to quiet things down.
I think the 3.5 epa estimated is 18 city, 28 highway.

what area are you in. I know up here in Illinois they recently changed over to the higher ethanol mix for the winter months, as they do every year, and my mpg went down with it.
You could just be experience the loss due to that.

What kind of mpg do you normally get?
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