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What gas mileage are you getting?

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Im just about through my first tank, and I only got about 17 MPG with some highway and soem city, not getting on it at all....

What kind of mileage are you getting and how many miles are on your car, i think mine just needs to be broken in, im only at 150 miles....
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That is my normal mpg :/ I used to get 21 in town...
i think the g6s just give bad gas mileage... im in toronto and im getting from full to quarter about 350kms which is lousy (65% city driving).. and i maintain my car good.. dont know if my cats or o2 sensors are fried.. what do you guys get???
I drove 951 km over two tanks and my average is 12.3L/100 km after filling up yesterday, with 80-90% winter city driving.

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My base model 4 cylinder 2007 G-6 is running at 22.3 with about 90% of my driving on city streets with average speed being about the same according to the vehicles on board computer.
As of now i am getting 400km (toronto/canada) from full (till the gas pump clicks) to quarter in this weather. does this sound reasonable guys? most of my driving consists of about 50% city / 50% hwy.. i think its low for a 60L tank?
I have a 2008 G6 GT with 159K+ and am getting between 25.5 to 26.5 mpg. I drive 120 miles roundtrip to work daily mostly highway.
Dang 120 miles a day for work???

Sounds like you need to move closer to work haha
In town I been getting 28.7 and hwy has been 30 mpg. I currently have 170k miles on my G6.
Installing a new fuel pump unit on my car next week but it does great on gas. I am second owner to this car and it was executive car when I purchased it with only 5k miles on it.
Average 22 mpg where 90% of my driving is HEAVY Atlanta driving.
I average 20-22MPG currently with 100% city driving. I have a 6 mile commute each way down.

2010 4cyl 2.4L reg gas motor.
I have the 2.4L with 90K. I reset my avg mpg every fill up and have noticed that it's pretty inaccurate. Most of the time it reads around 24. But doing the math I've gotten anywhere from 23 to 28. Anyone else notice this?
I calculate the gas mileage myself because I find the computer to be a little off. I have an 06 GTP (3.9L V6) and the best i've got so far was 24MPG mainly hwy driving on a 240 mi trip. On average I only get about 19MPG with city and hwy combined.. not too impressed.
Bought ours new in 07, 3.5 GT and at 78,000 miles getting 20-22 mpg city / highway. Still love the car and it has given us carefree miles. Recently changed the plugs and wires and what a pain in the butt. Everything still works like when new.
About 19 -20 for city and almost 35 highway or interstate driving. I currently have 73k on my car.
Average 22 mpg where 90% of my driving is HEAVY Atlanta driving.
Well an update since I have replaced new plugs and a new Catalytic converter, I am now avereging in heavy ATL traffic between 24-26 :)

On the highway it jumps to around 30-33mpg
my best avg on a tank is 28.2mpg
my 09 G6 2.4L 4spd gets about 26-27 usmpg in around town driving, half rural half city, and 31-32 usmpg on long hauls from BC to Arizona.
Gas Mileage

2008 G6 2.4 liter 4 cylinder
Currently 26 mpg per the computer.

I drive for both Uber and Lyft, so I do a combination of highway (55-75 mph speed limits), stop and go, and waiting for minutes at a time for my passengers to arrive.

I got the car less than a week ago. The computer indicated 22.2 mpg when I reset it (right after I got it). I make a sort of hobby out of keeping the "inst mpg" reading as high as I can as I drive.
Gas Mileage on my 2006 g6 with 3.5 v6

If I don't floor it at every light and watch my tach, we average about 24 MPG around driving. about 28 Hwy.
Our G6 has 166K miles. So I am quite happy with it.
I drove from Maine to Colorado and got 29mpg highway out of my 2.4L. Now that I am in the city I get 25mpg.

New plugs, air filter and ran Lucas upper cylinder lube through it. I'm driving an 07 with 135k on it and winter radials. These ecotech'
s live up to their rating if you take care of the general maintenance.
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