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What percentage of G6's have big troubles?

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Having looked around at all manner of cars lately, I have not found anything in my (cheap) price range that I liked enough to buy, until I found a G6. Our local stealership has a fleet of off-rental '06 G6s, with the 4, using Gnoma'ams connections I can get into one for roughly $11.5K OTD. Beofre I pull the trigger on one, I did the research, we've all looked at that section of the forum, and some of you guys have had significant problems with your G6's. A certain part of that is the nature of forums, not that many compleatly satisfied owners check in with what wonderful rigs they have, but everybody with a gripe sure makes some noise. I could concievably discount the potential for flaming disaster but for one small item-some personal experience with such issues.
My present cage is an Aztek. They sold it to me with a dead battery from sitting on the lot for the better part of a year (yes I got a smoking deal on it) and they reflashed the ECM for a EGR light that came on, other than that, gas. oil and tires for the first couple years and 65K miles. I would see stuff on the Aztek forums about leaking coolant, flaky fuel guages, air conditioning going out, transmissions dying, wheel bearings going bad, BCMs dying, and wonder who these people were and why were they having so much trouble? Mine is perfect!
So then, within the next 6 months, transmission goes bad. $1500 to rebuild. Fuel guage reads full or empty. A/C goes out, I live in Alaska so the heater is more important than the A/C, but still....BCM goes bad, can't open the rear hatch-had to take the stupid thing apart to get my rear hatch open. Lower intake manifold gasket dies-BTW, if you have a GM 3.4L V6 made before 2003, this will happen to you. It is not fun to repair. But hey, I'm on my original wheel bearings! :agree:
My point is that the bitching became reality. I tend to keep stuff a long time, I really like getting my money's worth. I did OK with the Aztek, 166K miles later...but don't want to buy another aggravating money pit. And I do all my own work except for transmissions, at least the G6 looks a bit friendlier in that department than the Aztek. Those 3 spark plugs in the rear-:banghead:
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How's the car equipped? 11.5 may be too much.
If you could live with a smaller ride I recomend the G5.I liked the Aztek,but I bought a Trans Sport instead.I've owned Quite a few Pontiacs,Fiero,Sunbirds.
I did have a look at the G5, won't work for me, I'm afraid. Now if they'd made it a hatchback we could talk. Too bad, I did like the G5.

Right now trying to decide on a G6 or a Saturn Astra.
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