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when you say "1800W" are you referring to peak? What's the RMS rating on the amps? That's what will determine if the electrical system has to be upgraded.

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I'm not really sure what the alternator rating is on this car, that's the first thing I would consider when upgrading the sound system with an amp. On my previous car, I put in a 650W amp, and the alternator died a few weeks later. The car was a '99 Ford though, the system went in around 2003.


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what 'system' do i have? well, i have many 'systems' in my "Fully Loaded" G6 GT Sedan. here are just a few;

1) exhaust system
2) EPS, electronic power steering system (sometimes, anyway ha ha)
3) cooling system
4) fuel system
5) suspension system
6) brake system
7) electrical system
8) heating and air conditioning system
9) stereo system (Monsoon was my choice)
10) traction control system

so, if you only have one 'system' in your car, my guess is you got RIPPED OFF big time, not to mention its got to be nearly impossible to drive....:eek:

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I'm having some issues with my car now, i don't know if u saw the forum but i have:
-avic n2 navagation (bypassed)
-stinger 5 farad cap
-dynamat whole trunk + plate
- 0 gauge wire
-12 disk pioneer cd changer
- 2 mrd-m1005 alpine amps
- two alpine type x subwoofers(one amp on each)
-mtx 200 watt amp for tweeters in the rear door
-optima battery
-500 watt orion for mids
-stock monsoon system
-metra kit with factory displays
-steering wheel module (able to use steering wheel controlf on my avic)
I think that is all
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