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What to do first?

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Just picked up a used 08 G6 with 25000 miles on it. Got rid of POS passat that was sucking my bank account dry with repairs and gas, it was a turbo and sucked it up big time. I believe it is the base V6 model. Anyway, wanted to ask what is the first thing i want to do to this car. I have read a few problems with the brakes. Do people often upgrade the rotors and calipers or is the problem just a driving problem? Anyway, looking forward to owning this car and if anyone has an opinion than let me know.
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To cut most some slack the rotors warp faster than I think they should thou.

Welcome to the club!
No....The rotors are crap.
You should have another 20k miles to go before you should have to address that though.
First thing?? Lets see....first thing I did was added contoured GM mudflaps.
First thing?? Lets see....first thing I did was added contoured GM mudflaps

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Thanks for that....i think I just tasted some bile....
We kid because we care :D
Lampoon. Phew, I am a little gullible, but I was like "Oh hell, this forum isn't going to be of much help to me," but I am glad you clarified. I feel better now. Okay, but seriously. I think something needs to happen with the brakes after I wear these ones down. How about the suspension? It doesn't feel as good as i would like it to. A little "pingey" if that makes sense.
I dont know much about that. Mine rides like a dream. Could be your tires....
My stock continental Conticrap tires were horrible.
Are you going for visuals or performance first?
Start small. I think the OEM brakes are semi-metallic. I know that my 09 gt has squealers on it and they're driving me insane. I'm going to look into ceramic brakes or even a slightly higher performance pad+rotor when I save up a little more cash.

I picked up my car a few weeks ago and I started by removing the lower intake resonator. Do a little search on here and you'll find a thread on it. With about an hour for an inexperienced person, it's a pretty easy mod and it is a very safe one to perform. You won't have any problems (check engine light) and you might learn a little bit or become a little bit more brave to tear into your car when something starts going wrong...oh yeah, its a FREE mod
I wouldnt mess with that unless you get an intake.

Best free mod is to debadge it...IMHO.

As for the brake issue.....I got R1 dimpled/slotted with Bendix Ceramic on the front and Akebono Ceramic pads on teh back. Coming up on 50k on them and they still work like day one. I dont remember what I spent on them. You can do an internet search for them though.

You can see them a little bit in this pix I took when I was playing around with center cap ideas...
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