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i dont quite see how the color of the car makes any mods any different?

do the usual

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Nice car as is!
I had the chrome strip running down my driver and passenger doors too. You could try losing those and see if you like that look. Carefully peel them off then have some Goo Gone on stand by to get rid of the gluey mess they leave behind.

I had a green SSEi Bonneville a while ago. What really looked cool on a green car was gold accents, just subtle ones. Maybe give that a go? Good luck!

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Gold rims with green looks nice to me.

try www.tirerack.com to play with colors/styles.

Definitely lose the chintzy chrome door protectors. They don't look good at all. If you're worried about dings get the black ones, at least they wouldn't stand out.

The best thing you can do to make your car look good is to keep it as clean, inside and out, as humanly possible. Also, avoid flashy/silly mods, basically anything that sticks on with double sided tape is probably a bad idea.

Only other idea I had for the green would probably fall into the flashy category. But I'll put it here anyway. you could take out the grilles in the front, and paint them bronze or gold then paint the chrome surround parts either a matching green or black. I think that might look kinda neat. Sort of like a rapper's front teeth.
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