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What would prevent the Key Fob from working?

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Bought a used 2005 G6 for cheap, needs some body work and a few other things like the door latch fixed, dome light, etc but it came with a key fob that doesn't work. I replaced the battery but still not working. Provided that it is coded to the car (I wonder because the key only fits in the ignition and not the door or trunk) is there anything that can prevent the fob from working? Drivers power door lock switch works, passengers doesn't. Curious what I can check before taking it to the dealer to program it and want to prevent a situation where it fails and I still have to pay for the time spent.
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Remote inop is often caused by bad/worn switch contacts. Get a new case for the remote, it comes with a new rubber membrane with the contacts. Like this:
Could be a working fob that's not programmed to that car. Could be a bad receiver module. When you have 2 fobs you can easily determine if either or the receiver go bad. With only one that's not working, unknown history, you need diagnostic equipment or trial and error.

It might be cheaper and more practical to start over. Buy a receiver and 2 fobs and be done.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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