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Hey all, my first post, sorry to come with a problem right away!

A little background. Usually I would get about 340-350 miles to a tank on my 2005 G6 GT (V6). Lately that has dropped to about 220-240, which I feel is pretty dramatic. I just filled up yesterday, drove 25 miles, and my gauge is reading almost 3/4 tank!! What could be the issue here? I realize that it is winter and the cold weather may have something to do with it, but 100+ miles difference seems a bit extreme.

I've read things about fuel filters getting clogged, and they're in the gas tank and are costly to replace. I've read things about changeing plugs, running chevron with "techron" fuel through it, running fuel treatments through it, and just punching the gas to clean out the cobwebs.

A couple years ago I was getting my oil changed. The technician told me that the car had no fuel filter and that I was just supposed to run a tank of fuel injector cleaner thru it every so often, maybe I didn't do this as much as I should have? Maybe he was full of sh*t?

Any insight would be much appreciated!
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