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Whats up new from the NE

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Whats up. I bought my G6 a couple months ago and love it, i stumbled across this website when i was looking for directions on how to change my oil filter, and it worked so thank you so i decided i would sign up.
I just got the basic G6 four cylinder, not a GT. but when i bought it i figured that would be a good idea since gas was so high at the time, little did i know I would only pay 1.50 a gallon now. But i am still happy with it.
The only thing that hurts about joining this board is seeing all these cars that are modded, and it makes me want to step up, but truth be told i am a full time student, and have to pay for school as well as this car payment. (and i can't say no to cancun on spring break and colorado in the winter) So i wont be throwin much in it but tinted windows, rims, and maybe a sub.
The only other thing really worth saying is i am from nebraska, so go big red.
One other quick question anyone know some good websites to get nice pontiac mats for cheap?
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If you find that web site let me know!:mad:
I'm about to go get them from the stealer ship.
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