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To my knowlage, you can't user replace the bearing in the hub, (unless you take it to a machine shop and can find the bearing) You have to replace the hub assembly. Mine went out and this is how i pin pointed what it was.
1. put blocks in front and behind the rear tires
2. Jack up the right front of the car so the tire is a few inches off the ground
3. Start car, turn traction control off if you have it, Hold Brake and put in drive.
4. Let off brake and let right tire spin up to ~40 mph. You should hear nothing if the right bearing is not bad
5. Hold brake and put back in park.
6. Let down right side and jack up left side. Do the same with left side. Spin up to ~40
7. if you hear wrrrrrrr with the no weight on the hub, it is bad.
8. Replace hub assembly for left.
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