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I ran mine up behind the driver's side quarter panel, just below the windsheild, where the hinge for the hood is. From there it came out through the doorframe of the driver's door. There's a little rubber plug on the driver's side window pillar (you'll see what I mean if you open your driver's door and look just above where the top of the dash is on the doorframe) I popped that outand popped the sidecover off of the dash (not the top or bottom, the little on that you can only see when the door is open) (don't worry, there's no screws, it's held in with clips(I used a flathead screwdriver to pop it off). From there I fed the wire through the hole where the rubber plug was, into the area I uncovered by pulling off the sidecover of the dash, then ran the cable down the side of the driver's footwell, and underneath the plastic runners along the inside of the car and into the trunk. If you're using a fairly heavy gauge cable, you might need to bore out the hole that you pull the rubber plug out of, but aside from that, no drilling required.

I'll try to get some pictures today when I actually get my lazy ass out of bed.
Best of luck.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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