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Where to Start modding?

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:confused::confused:;):rolleyes::)I have a 2008 bone stock G6 coupe GXP with the street edition and chrome rims. Just looking for easy DIY mods, like tail light tinting or replacing? Window tint?,rims? new tires? Under the hood mods? I have a system in the car, lol monsoon stock didn't last long, Any ideas?? Not looking to spend a fortune. I'm in Michigan.
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Welcome to the forum "Baker 09".
It's funny you say "bone stock GXP", the GXP has more in the stock model than some modified base G6s.
I know that YOU KNOW what you like but tell us, what would you like your car to say to us if I saw it on the road?

"WTF, get out of my way punk" or " yeh moefoe, I'm cool":D
I'm going for thaT ALL BLACK look, Just was wondering whats best for tint, and wheter i should tint or replace my taillights
These rims are pretty cool. ? For the "All Black" thing.

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Cheap mods......if only there were some. You can always debadge...?
I was thinking of blacking out the badges since i have a lease and i don't know if ill get charged for that, i saw a couple of the gxp colored plates or whatever you call them on e-bay, thinking of getting a couple covers to the arrowheads of the grill and trunk emblem,and the pontiac emblem, anybody had any luck with these, here's the link to the arrowhead things im talking about http://www.pfyc.com/c/G6EXT/Exterior+Accessories.html Maybe change the gauge face? Thoughts? Ideas? Questions lol, trying to keep this thing going, We should have a mod a week or month competition and see who has the best mods?
Most people dont have the $$$ for a mod a week.

I like how you think though!! I think I have too many mods as it is but I just have more planned....its an addiction.
Mod of the month any1? Gonna start buying those badge colors
the next mod I do will probly be a new car lol.
Takeover the lease on mine lol, seriously if you did I'd drive it to you
What do you have??
Who? me? I have a 2008 G6 gxp coupe
pooners is right once you start you cant stop
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