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The stupid dealership has resurfaced my rotors 3 times and replaced my pads the last time they resurfaced.. each time they're good for a couple thousand and then the problem begins again.. the dealer told me that i drive aggressive and slam on the brakes.. or that i ride the brakes.. but that's ridiculous.. I drive 25 miles to and from work on a highway at low traffic times (4:30am and 1:00pm) so I barely even use my brakes.. but anyways, i stopped going back, i deal with the shaking and the squeels it's not worth dealing with dealership morons.. and one more thing.. my passenger front window sometimes won't go up.. and they told me.. "you aren't supposed to put both windows up at the same time", are they kidding? no, they were serious.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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