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Which Headlight is better?

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I'm in the market for new headlights for my 08 G6 GT. I'm thinking Halo's or the L.E.D. eye slits that the audi uses or HID's Can anyone suggest and tell me the pro's and con's of them all? I would love you forever :) Thanks!
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I just installed the Spyder halo projector headlights. I have DDM 35W 6000K hid's in both my fogs and lows. Personally, I think it is awesome. Light output is poor, but with a little adjustment, it isn't all that bad. I just found some condensation in one of the housings, but I think its just because the boot rubber boot won't stay on over the bulbs. I plan to fix that soon.

People put hid's in the stock housings, but since it's a halogen housing, I think it might be illegal. Not for sure though.

Someone over a G6P found an alternative to the spyders. might want to check them out.

Halo's are the rings around the high and low beam bulb. They really don't serve a purpose besides looking good. Your low beams are your actual lights you see with. Those are what you put the hid's in. Think of an HID as a replacement bulb for a burned out headlight. Except for the fact that hid's have a ballast that you attach to the vehicle behind the housing.
... and after that, you have to add some extra hardware so that the bulbs (HIDs or regular) don't insert so far into the housing so that you can get a better light pattern. Not brighter, just somewhat better.

~ MattInSoCal
Yeah, I used 13/16" retaining rings. I am pretty sure that is what most used. Those are all of like 3 bucks for 10 rings though.
1 - 3 of 41 Posts
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