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Which Headlight is better?

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I'm in the market for new headlights for my 08 G6 GT. I'm thinking Halo's or the L.E.D. eye slits that the audi uses or HID's Can anyone suggest and tell me the pro's and con's of them all? I would love you forever :) Thanks!
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Those are the exact ones I'm looking at buying. So are the halo's not actually your lights? You can get HID's with them also? I'm a newb at this stuff.. Thanks :)
Halo's are the rings around the high and low beam bulb. They really don't serve a purpose besides looking good. Your low beams are your actual lights you see with. Those are what you put the hid's in. Think of an HID as a replacement bulb for a burned out headlight. Except for the fact that hid's have a ballast that you attach to the vehicle behind the housing.
Sweet thank you. Do the HID's go in the halo casing? Ive been reading some that some HID's melt some casings.
those ones on ebay arent made for HID's only halogens. the spyders however can be used with HIDS. IMO the halo/LED is getting too played out and it seems like everyone has them. HIDS are illegal in the stockers like you said, but also in most places any HIDS that are not factory installed are also illegal. Personally if you dont care about light output either of those will be fine. If you want HIDs and halos go with the spyders. Otherwise i would just keep your stockers.
Hmmmm so all types are illegal? I was wondering why so stores can sell them. Im thinking these http://www.carid.com/2008-pontiac-g6-headlights/halo-projector-82162.html could I put HID's in them also? Thanks for the feedback guys!
Yes all types that are not factory installed are illegal. but as mentioned above, it has never been heard of someone getting ticketed for having them. And yes, those can be used with HIDs, but the light output is terrible.
Why would the light output be terrible?

Stores can sell them because they are legal in projector housing or as replacements for factory installed HID's.
hmmm so is there anyway to make them legal?
Well What would be a better choice, Because these are just too damn sexy.
Don't get the Spyders or anything that is the same as them. A mentioned on the first page a thread popped up on G6P about a new style of projectors for us.


The problem is no one knows how the light output will be and no one wants to be the first to take the plunge and pick up a set. If you really want projectors pick those up and let us know how they work out.
I'm highly considering buying them, and they also bundle HIDs specifically with them from the website carid.
Those ones aren't technically made for hids so no one knows yet whether or not they will fit. When you get them installed especially if you get the hids installed as well, post up a picture of the beam pattern so we can see how they look
On their website they have a special option to bundle HID's in, so I was thinking that meant they were compatible.
So are the spyders good or not for light output?
they suck compared to the stocks.
Hmmmm well mine are getting hazy inside the light fixture. Is there anyway to make them clear again?
hazy in what way? as theres moisture in them, or as the lens is becoming translucent and hard to see through?
Both I believe.
As far as the haze on the outside of the headlights, this can be fixed with a headlight restoration kit. A good one I bought from walmart for like 21 bucks after tax, but you can get from any autostore. You should try this. there may not even be any haze on inside of the headlight. The haze is due to some type of oxidation due to outside elements which the inside of the lights are not exposed to unless defective or intentionaly exposed.
Wow man awesome! Thanks a lot! :)

And also, how do you like your black spyder headlights? and how well do those HID's perform in them compaired to the stock headlights.
yall see the new one out? Looks like the projector is better situated than the Spyder....

Plus they are plug and play.

Chrome ones should be in stock in a few weeks.

I think Im gonna try em out!

Do you have a link for these? thanks :)
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