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Why does my engine sound like a diesel???

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I have a 2007 g6 2.4L 4cyl when I turn my car on It sounds fine on the outside but as soon as I get inside and close my door the engine sounds like a diesel engine I asked my gm mechanic where get all my service done and they said it should be normal but I don't know because Im never in my car without my stereo on lol what about you guys? Any sounds? Even after I'm done driving it still sounds like it I'm kinda worked I only have 52k on it and still have a bumper to bumper warranty but it cost me $50 to get something fixed so I don't want to bring it in for nothing :( please help!!!!
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um ya, if it realy does sound like a "diesel" then it is probably knocking or misfireing, any check engine light? and if they tell you something like that is normal you need to find a new dealership............if i were you i wouldnt even take my car to a dealership even if its something that should be fixed under warranty, because GM dealships a terible at fixing things in my experience when they even admit something is wrong..........i had 3 dealeships try to tell me milky oil was normal when my headgaskets failed so i no longer trust what any GM stealership says............my first guess from reading the title would have been needing all new lifters but you have the 2.4 which is DOHC so i dont think that would be the problem as they are a different style and far less prone to problems...........
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