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I saw this group buy on some back speaker enclosures for the G6....
Im not buying them and Im not involved but I Just thought I'd pass along the info. ;)

This Interest Thread is for a Wicked C.A.S. Magic Box 10” Sub Enclosure.

This enclosure has been tested only on the 06-08 Pontiac Sedan G6’s. Not sure if the coupe has the same trunk layout or not. It houses a 10" Subwoofer and has approximately 1.0 Cu. Ft. If you want bass and to keep your trunk space this is the sub box for you. This box currently is running for $329.95 on their website, already down from $380.00. They are offering that if we can bring in 5-10 customers that they will sell them at $219.95/ea. That’s $110.00 savings from their current online special. Plus if anyone is interested in purchasing subs at the same time they will do special pricing on JL Audio Subs as well.

For Example:
• 10w1v2 JL Audio Sub for $69.95 w/purchase of a sub enclosure (Crutchfield price - $129.99)
• 10w3v3 JL Audio Sub for $149.95 w/purchase of a sub enclosure (Crutchfield price - $239.99)
• 10w6v2 JL Audio Sub for $239.95 w/purchase of a sub enclosure (Crutchfield price $439.99)

Here is a link to their website for more information.

This box has been designed for a Sedan. For the coupes on here if we can get 5 people that are willing to make a $100 deposit they will source a coupe and make an enclosure for you at the same discounted price as the Sedan. The turn around time on these would be roughly 30 days from the time that they receive the deposit from the 5 or more interested buyers. Please add coupe or Sedan to your name if you are interested.
Anyway its over here:

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Hey everybody. This is a really good deal. We have one member at g6performance who already has this in his trunk and it works great. We have 3 sedan's and 1 coupe ready to go. We need 5 for each group to get this great deal.

If you are interested at all, please ask any questions or review the other thread. The few of us that want this, REALLY want this, but we need some extra interest to get this thing off the ground.

So come on and order and get back that trunk space you've been missing!!:D
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