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Will a 2010 stock stereo work on a 2006?

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The buttons on my stock stereo are messed up, i want to get a new one. Does the 2010 work? And also does it have an aux port? Or should i just get the 2008-09 that is similar to mine but with aux?
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it will work, but regardless of the stereo you use you'll have to match up the stereo to vin using a Tech2
Yeah you have to get it Vin matched, I wanted to do the same thing and just bought an aftermarket stereo instead, I'm glad I did
I believe the '9.5 and '10 radios require some addition modification with the dash cluster, as the late factory radio does not handle the DIC like the older ones did. Could be wrong; wait for Lampoon to reply.
ahh, You're right, if it's the stereo with the big button in the middle it needs more modification.
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