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Will it work: Delphi FM modulator for AUX in?

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Howdy everybody. I found out about the
a couple of days ago. Basically, it connects between the car antenna and the headunit to give an aux in for XM satellite receivers. it plugs in to the antenna port on the headunit and lets you listen to XM on one of the FM channels (88.1 for example). I've done some research, and I cant figure out if it would work as a normal aux in, not just XM exclusively. It has a stereo miniplug, so i think it could work, but i want to know for sure before i buy (theyre about $35 new). if anyone knows anything about it, i would love to know, as well as how you like it. thanks!
PS, i know a guy that can tell me, but its 12AM, so i'll have to wait. i'll post back if i find anything out, cause i have a feeling some members might be interested in this if it works :)
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FM Modulation sucks...I havent heard a good one yet...but I havent heard this one so
I cant offer an opinion on it. let us know...
if you mean wireless fm modulation, then yes, i totally agree with you. this however is wired and completely filters out any interference. ive seen good reviews on it as far as sound quality, but i still havent found out for sure if it will work for my application.
UPDATE: the delphi modulator will NOT work for auxiliary input (it is desinged to work with specific xm units), however, i found something that WILL work! i just ordered a schoshe unit off amazon ($30) that is designed to act as a poor man's aux-in for PMPs and ipods. i also had to buy adapters cause gm vehicles use a micro antenna. anyhow, i will post pics and such after it comes in and i get it installed. im pretty excited!

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Hey, I'm interested in doing this with my car, is there any way you can provide the URL for the adapters for the antenna? Thanks!
ya go. I got them off amazon for $16. you might be able to find it cheaper on ebay or something, but i know these work just fine. welcome to the forum, by the way!

they look like this:
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I was wondering if I could get a break down on this Scosche unit? Will I be able to hook up my ipod to it? Also, how hard is it to install? Is there a thread that shows me how to do this? Is this just a glorified FM Tuner or is it a direct thing? Very Interested, Please Help!!

I am also looking at putting in a double din touch screen head unit, are there any that I would be able to use something like my info button? Will only aftermarket units work, or can I get a GM unit from a different car (cadillac or something?)???
So many questions! good ones though. lets see, where do i start... the scosche unit adds a 1/8" auxiliary input to a stock headunit by connecting inline between the antenna and radio. you simply tune your radio to 87.5 FM (or something like that). scosche also makes a model for the ipod, but youre on your own for that :). i made a tutorial for installing the scosche unit which you can find here: http://www.g6ownersclub.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4366.

as far as swapping headunits, i did a good deal of research, and they do make a single din computer info display, but its intended to be used with another single din headunit, not a double din like you want to do. thats not to say you couldnt mod it into your glovebox or something, but thats up to you. swapping GM headunits gets tricky and is out of my area of expertise. i do know that you can interchange some g6 headunits, and possiblely (correctmy if im wrong) some malibu headunits. as for other gm vehicles, i have no idea, but i have wondered that myself. anyone else know?

in short, i asked the exact same questions you have, and i ended up going with the scosche unit because of price and simplicity, and it has worked pretty well! if you have any questions, feel free to PM me, because i dont frequent g6oc very often.
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for those who have installed it already, how was it. im planning on buying one this weekend. what i like about it is its wired so its pretty interference proof. and the fact that it has delphi parts, one can never go wrong.

Its been a while since i did he research but Im pretty sure the delphi unit will only work for specific external xm receivers. check out my above posts.
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