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Just telling you from a point of veiw in having heavily modding cars in the past, the swap you want to do just isn't worth the time/money. Parts alone would easily take you over ten grand. It's more than just a motor swap, there's a new trans needed, drive shaft, and rear end. What would you do, live axle or IRS? What computer would you get to run the motor? Would it then run your factory gauges?

Other parts to consider would be upgraded brakes, bigger tires, stronger suspension to hold the extra weight, custom headers and catback, and we haven't even touched all the modding needed to be done.

You'd be better off doing this for the G6 if you really want to keep it and make it fast... If you have the 3.5 litre, look into the forged internals that are available for it. Swap the crank, rods, pistons, cam, pushrods and rockers for upgraded parts, throw a custom turbo kit on, find a good transmission shop to build up the trans and get a tune from someone like Chris White. It will be cheaper and there will be minimum modding needed.

Or, sell the G6 a and start with a V8 platform like a Camaro or Mustang. Just my .02
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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