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miscreant said:

I wouldn't call them useless, but they are tacky IMHO. But to-each-their-own. To me, they are so early 90s. My first thought when I see them is that inside sits a 50 year old man smoking a pipe.
hey, i'm offended by that!!! i have them on MY car and, just as was previously proven about dog crap, they do serve a usefull purpose. i can put the window down a couple of inches (not sure what that works out to for our neighbors in Canada) and allow semi-fresh air to come in while its raining outside. also, they greatly reduce the amount of 'buffeting' one experiences when the rear windows are down all the way.

but the main reason that i am offended is that while it is true i am 50, i DO NOT SMOKE!!! :rolleyes:
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