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i'm not sure if this problem has been addressed earlier , i went back 45 pages and didnt see it

i have a 2007 G6 h.t.c.
car is at the dealers and after 3 phone calls they cant duplicate the problem


when trying to get out of the car i was locked in - yikes !
the drivers window was down about 4 inches and when i tried to open the door it wouldnt open , the door was locked. after rolling up the window the door unlocked and i was able to get out


when trying to get in the car i couldnt , the door was locked ( i dont lock my door(s) habit from haveing soft top convertible ) tried the key in the door lock and it wouldnt go all the way in , tried the remote starter / door unlocker and nothing , both windows were about 4 inches down. AAA came and the driver was able to hook the inside passengers door handle and open the door - YAY , stuck the key in the ignition adn it started up right away. still couldnt get the drivers door open - still locked. put the drivers window up and - bingo - the door opened - YAY

not sure if my problem is the lock(s) ? the window ? or the door ?

any info would be helpful

be well & enjoy the day
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