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2007 G6 GT Convertible (3.5L)
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I did a thing.
Growing up in a family that owned a printing company, I spent a lot of time steeped in the graphics world. One of the things I really enjoy doing is window stickers for cars. I've done a ton of them, but I thought I would share the one I did for my own G6 convertible.

There are only 2 changes from the original. I did the Pontiac arrows in color, rather than the original black and white, and my initials are always hidden somewhere. In this case, it's the sales code. Usually I hide them in a carrier code or something like that. I never use an RPO code - they're always 100% accurate.

I also do labels. I did the emissions label for my car, since mine was missing. Even the bar code scans correctly.

G6 WS.png
G6 Emissions Label.png
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