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My wife was driving the car today it was pritty bad weather she was on the highway when she got off the highway and in the city for a short time the wipers would stop in the middle of the windsheild like the were stuck for a couple of seconds and start again happened 3 times in a row to her has not did it again tonight i was wondering if she was using the delay wipers and with the speed sensitive being on the highway might cause this if there is a memory or something wich resets its self ????????? any ideas or has anybody heard or seen this she went to the dealer but service was getting ready to close and it was no longer doing it so they said to bring it in next week i might take it in on tues
thats how mine started then got so they would go back and forth a couple of times then stop altogether so i unhooked the battery and changed the wiper motor put the cable back on and it did the same thing only now my remote won,t work i took the remote to a technition and a $100 later he said he couldn,t get it and that i had some more problems that the dealer would have to fix
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