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I have a 2008 G6 GT Convertible.

For around six months I've been looking to replace the windshield wipers, but I could never find 2008 Pontiac GTs listed in any of the Anco, etc. booklets. Finally, I found the correct wiper blades. Normally I only get the refills, but I couldn't get the refill only. So, I got the entire blade.

However, when I went to attach them, the connector was wrong. The connector on the arm was style X, and the blade had Y. I returned to the auto store and inquired. He suggested I try the 2007. We grabbed a pair, walked out to my car, and sure enough, it was the right kind.

So, I guess my '08 was one of the vehicles that the assembly plant just threw their remainder '07 wiper assemblies on?

Anyone else run into this?
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