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Winter Driving

GTPGuy82 said:
I can barely afford my G6, never mind a beater. It's been waxed many many times since August though, so hopefully that will protect the paint some bit, and as for the wheels, I just clean them every now and then in my garage before the snow/salt combo starts taking effect on them.

Yeah I'm on the same boat as you my G6 already costs me toooo much money each money with the payment,insurance and gas. I can't afford a winter beater. I stored my old car for winter my 03 Grand Am GT but I don't know why I stored it for the winter I only kept it for 31 months ha almost 3 years and I traded it in. I trade cars like every other year so I don't care anymore if they see winter or not anymore ;)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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