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As winter is already upon us in some parts of the US and Canada some of you may now be weighing your winter wheel and tire options.

For those of you shopping here are some options to help get you started (Not all options may be listed). If you would like help building
a winter wheel and tire package please give us a call at 1.888.459.4080 or stop into one of your local Discount Tire or America's Tire

Dedicated Winter Tires for your OE wheels

17" Base, GT

18" GT, GXP

We have a lot of great wheel choices to bundle your winter tires with. Most members prefer to run a 16" combination as this size is more
economical and has more product selection. Even the GXP and GT models that come stock with 18" wheels can drop down to a 16" combination.
That being said, below are a few wheel models to consider. Keep in mind...We mount and balance all wheel and tire combinations for FREE!

Details: MB Motoring Octane

Details: MB Motoring Five-X

Details: MB Motoring Seven-X

Details: MB Motoring Viper

Details: Momo Winter 2

You can also shop all our winter products for your vehicle using the link below.

For detailed information regarding winter tires, check out these useful links:

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