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I have researched all the threads but only find people buying and complaing about the replacement. i was at walmart lat night bough the rainx. blades 24in and 21in. went to install then today and the stock blades have this plastic clip you need to pinch to remove them from the car. Now does that plastic pieces remove from the blade or is that was the big complaint is about that it is all one piece and the reason to purchase from the dealer please let me know. my wife is about to take a 1100 mile trip. thanks.

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The rain-X Latitudes should fit. not sure Wally World carriees the Latitudes though.


Remember we use 21-13 & 24-13. Trico NEOFORM Wipers also fit.

Unless you have an 08....?

Heres an old post:
Lampoon said:
Hold on...Ill post pix and a site to go to.

I found great replacements. Work like a champ.
I bought them online.
Go through the type car menu till you get to
the wiper blades. Dont get the $3 replacments. You need
the pinchtabs exact fit.

TRICO Part # 2113 {Exact Fit Blade - 21" (525mm), Pinch Tab}
Right, Exact Fit Blade

TRICO Part # 2413 {Exact Fit Blade - 24" (600mm), Pinch Tab}
Left, Exact Fit Blade

I also have a discount code. I forget what it gives you but stick it in

RockAuto discount code 567522516982 will expire on March 6, 2007.
I got it AFTER ordering... :(

Anyway...let me know what discount it gives you if you try it.

The e-mail says:
Enter your discount code (and no other characters or spaces) in the "How did you hear about us" line of the shopping cart.
* If you are using our traditional HTML catalog, please click the "Set" button to the right of the field.
* Your discount will automatically appear, subtracted from your order total.


I will take some pictures of them in and out of the package and add them to this in just a minute.
yaa rock auto's numered above are what I bought.
They fit great. Still kinda pricey though for what Im use to paying.

Did you see the 2008's?? They have new diferent wipers!! OMG
I swear this is such a scam!

If their arms hold cheaper baldes I may go order a set or 2008 arms! :?


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